About Mabanzi

Mabanzi plays high energy, polymelodic rhythms and soulful grooves that move the body and spirit. A Mabanzi performance is guaranteed to get you up and dancing. People of all ages respond with enthusiasm and delight when hearing this joyful upbeat music from Zimbabwe.

Instrumentation consists of seven marimbas (three sopranos, two tenors, a baritone, and a bass), gourd shakers called hosho, mbira (“thumb piano”). Mabanzi performs original and traditional compositions and ancient mbira arrangements rooted in Zimbabwean styles and sung in the Shona language.

Mabanzi Marimba first formed on Maui in 2004 as Mapenzi Marimba under the direction of Jan Maraire.  Jan learned this music from Dumisani Maraire who brought Shona marimba and mbira music to the Pacific Northwest in 1968.  Mabanzi plays many of Dumi’s original compositions.  A few years ago Jan relocated to Bali to teach marimba at the Green School and is now the director of the marimba youth groups there as well as a professional performing marimba ensemble.

Mabanzi is comprised almost entirely of original members. Scott Schultz, Ryan Anderson, Andrea Walls, Eric House and Pat McDowell.  Candice Pacheco joined in 2010 and Elizabeth Anderson in 2011.

Mabanzi is always on the lookout for talented guitar players and singers. If you are interested in learning this music please contact us.